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Windows VS Linux: Comparing Operating Systems for VPS

In this modern world of technology where everything is a click away, where everything and everywhere can be reached through one single click, the internet needs a container of this information and this container is what we would call a website. Websites are composed of web pages where information are written. A website could be just a page or even a collection of pages. Sharing and gathering information through internet may be difficult without these pages conveniently written on the cyberspace.

To make this possible, one would need VPS or Virtual Private Server. Virtual Private Server, (VPS), is a type of web hosting where a computer (the hardware) is used to operate software servers. It us like a division of hardware server resources into different virtual servers. VPS also provides domain name, like “”, directory services, and storage for files.

There may be different types of VPS such as Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Since these are two different kinds of operating system, the control of these two are also different. Windows hosting gives the user the freedom to control a part of it by themselves. This makes this type of hosting cheaper since a part is given to the user to control. Although the user gets a part of the server for himself, better resources may also be received by this type of hosting.

Using a Windows VPS as a host would include a certain amount of RAM. Of course, a space where files and websites are stored is also needed. Since the server is not entirely controlled by the user, the hard drive may be under the protection of RAID 1 configuration.  RAID 1 configuration protects data should the drive fail by writing the information sent to it into a different hard drive. In a way, there is a back-up data while your information may still be seen by other viewers all around the world.

Linux VPS, however, is different in some ways. Linux VPS is obviously a hosting where the operating system is Linux. Since a lot of people are more familiar with Windows operating system, one might think that using Windows Virtual Private Server may be easier and more user-friendly but it actually depends on how you’d want to use your website. Many people describe Linux as innovative and stable. Compared to Windows VPS, this hosting type is considered cheaper since Linux is an open source. There is no specific special software that you need to operate this host so one doesn’t need to pay extra for legal and licensing stuff. It also works well with other open source of programming languages and other source applications.

To most people, Windows VPS may be easier to manage if you don’t have enough IT skills. People are more familiar with Windows operating system that is why people might find this interface more relatable than the other. Most people feel more comfortable using this host. It is recommended for users with an MS SQL database and gets support from Microsoft. The drawback would be, of course, the cost. A VPS that runs Windows is considered more costly than the Linux VPS. It is also not as stable as Linux is when it comes to the integration of open source programming languages.

To sum it up, both virtual private servers have its own good and bad sides. It just depends on how the server is preferred to be hosted. Which host to use when opening up a website must be considered well and users must be well informed about these two VPSs to be able to find a VPS that suits their website well.

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RockVPS provides windows vps, or cheap vps, built upon providing a fast network and 100% SSD server hardware. Our service utilizes KVM virtualization combined with the SolusVM Control Panel. We use only the latest Intel Quad and Hex Core servers with SSD Hard Drives.