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Two new studies show at the ESMO 2014 Congress in Madrid.

Azactidine, for example, approved for haematological malignancies, had the greatest delay between FDA and Wellness Canada approval, stretching to 66.1 months. The EMA authorized azactidine 10.3 months earlier than Health Canada but 55.8 months following the FDA. The fastest authorization time among the medications studied was for cabazitaxel, that was authorized for metastatic prostate cancer tumor by the FDA just 17 days following the medication's producer filed for authorization. In Canada and Europe, the right times to approval for cabazitaxel were 11.63 months and 11.03 months, respectively. This is the first study to systematically compare cancer medication approvals between three main regulatory bodies, the authors say.Co-chairs of the workshop committee included Kristina Crothers, MD, of the University of Washington, James M. Beck, MD, of the University of Michigan, and Laurence Huang, MD, MAS, of the University of California, San Francisco. ‘The epidemiology, manifestations and outcomes of pulmonary disease vary depending on availability of ART, and noninfectious conditions could become more common in today’s era of the AIDS epidemic, particularly in people that have access to ART,’ Dr.