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Two exceptional PhD graduates of the College of Medicine.

Improvements in cardiovascular sciences to be discussed at University of Leicester Advances in Cardiovascular Sciences are to be showcased in two open public lectures in the University of Leicester. Two exceptional PhD graduates of the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology will discuss their research between 5.30pm and 6 ed medications .45pm in The Frank and Katherine May Lecture Theatre in the Henry Wellcome Building on Wednesday 27 November 2013. Dr Emmanouil Katsogridakis will show his doctoral research into cerebral bloodflow, 'New Ways of assessing blood flow in the brain'.

Promising molecular targets for treatment of individual glioma have already been defined.. Developments in stem cell research Scientists at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston are on the forefront of stem cell analysis, developing novel therapies designed to generate center cells, fix traumatic lung accidents, grow new bone and stanch the pass on of cancer cells. Analysis at the UT Health Science Middle at Houston is focused on embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. A stem cell is certainly a generic cell which has the potential to develop into a specialised cell type and to make copies of itself through cell division. The process of cell specialization is called differentiation. Individual embryonic stem cells are highly versatile and also have the potential to develop into any cell enter the body with the exception of the placenta.