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Totaling nearly $10 million.

$10 million to establish a multidisciplinary research system in cancer nanotechnology The National Institutes of Health has awarded scientists from Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology two new collaborative research grants, totaling nearly $10 million, to establish a multidisciplinary research program in cancer nanotechnology and to create a new class of nanoparticles for molecular and cellular imaging sulbutiamine . Although the primary focus of the new applications will be prostate malignancy, the research will have broad applications to many types of tumors, including colorectal and breast cancer and lymphoma. Dr. Shuming Nie, PhD, principal investigator of the project, is among the first researchers in the world to work with nanotechnology in the biomedical field.

Most of these tragic events occur in personal backyard swimming pools. A lot more than two-thirds of toddler-age children who were found in pools or spas were thought to have been elsewhere in the house, either playing or sleeping. Larry J. Baraff, professor of pediatrics and crisis medication at the David Geffen College of Medication at UCLA.S. Hospital crisis departments for pool submersion accidents and 280 pool-related drowning deaths each year. Ninety % of these deaths occurred in the home. Parents should follow these 10 basic rules to prevent a kid drowning: By no means leave a child unattended or with a sibling in a swimming pool, wading pool, bathtub or hot tub.