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Today by Silverlink Communications according to a new survey released.

Furthermore to these outreach programs, Silverlink also offers inbound communications solutions designed to quickly answer frequently asked questions . The FAQ answer provides users with up-to-date flu and flu vaccine details, and also plan-specific and localized prevention resources.. 58 percent of Americans think that H1N1 flu is a serious health hazard: Survey Many of Americans believe that the H1N1 flu is a serious health hazard, today by Silverlink Communications according to a new survey released, Inc. This represents a marked increase in comparison with May 2009, when 47 percent of Americans held this same perception of H1N1. While most Americans believe H1N1 is certainly a serious health hazard, significantly less than one-third of Americans anticipate getting the H1N1 flu vaccine this year, with efficacy and safety of the vaccine cited as principal barriers for not getting the vaccine.The RNAscope-based companion diagnostic check under development for Merrimack's MM-121 detects mRNA of heregulin, a ligand for the drug focus on of MM-121, ERBB3. About Advanced Cell Diagnostics Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. is normally a leader in neuro-scientific molecular pathology, developing cell and tissue centered diagnostic tests for personalized medicine. RNAscope assays are utilized by all of the global top 10 10 pharmaceutical companies presently, world leading academic establishments and many cutting edge biotechnology businesses to validate biomarkers for the administration of cancer and additional illnesses.