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Suzanne Craft is keenly alert to the need for volunteers in clinical research.

At the University of Texas and completed postdoctoral fellowships at Boston and Harvard University medical schools, said one thing researchers have learned over the years is definitely that study results could be driven by distinctions in race, gender and ethnicity. Medical, additional and environmental elements can exacerbate those differences, she said. ‘For a long period, cardiovascular study was tilted toward males, which led to evaluation and treatment for females that wasn't optimal,'' Craft said.Meyer, M.S., Jonathan K. Schindler, B.S., B.A., Craig S. Pohl, M.S., John W. Wallis, Ph.D., Xiaoqi Shi, M.S., Ling Lin, M.S., Heather Schmidt, B.S., Yuzhu Tang, M.D., Carrie Haipek, M.S., Madeline E. Wiechert, M.S., Jolynda V. Ivy, M.B.A., Joelle Kalicki, B.S., Glendoria Elliott, Rhonda E. Ries, M.A., Jacqueline E. Payton, M.D., Ph.D., Peter Westervelt, M.D., Ph.D., Michael H. Tomasson, M.D., Mark A. Watson, M.D., Ph.D., Jack Baty, B.A., Sharon Heath, William D.