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stated Jeffrey Musmacher.

‘Other stereotactic systems, like the Gamma Knife, treat only the brain and require that the patient be fitted with a rigid framework screwed in to the skull. The Cyberknife Radiosurgery System uses a frameless system, and can treat tumors through the entire physical body with a accuracy of less than 0. This treatment may also effectively deal with lung cancers and other cancers that are in areas that move involuntarily – like in the respiratory or digestive tract. ‘These radiation therapy treatments are out-patient procedures, ranging from five to as little as one visit, allowing individuals to continue their normal activities,’ Ghaly said..Patients treated with 3 mg/kg of ABT-874 showed medical response after three every week injections and the response was sustained for at least 18 weeks after treatment. Response prices at week 18 and remission prices, at both end of treatment and 18 weeks, were not statistically significant. Likewise, response and remission rates for individuals getting ABT-874 in Cohort 1 were not significantly not the same as the placebo group. This information is promising for people with Crohn’s disease. While the data are preliminary, they claim that targeting IL-12 with a particular antibody may induce a clinical response or remission in individuals who have energetic symptoms, stated Elliot Chartash, M.D., global project head, Immunology Advancement, Abbott.