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S main owner Koncentra Keeping.

Allenex to market its holding in AnaMar Abdominal to Koncentra Holding Allenex has agreed to sell its holding in AnaMar AB to the company's main owner Koncentra Keeping . The purchase price is set to at least one 1,7 mkr. Allenex became an owner in AnaMar 1998. Their focus area is chronic joint illnesses. Allenex hasn’t participated in the financing of AnaMar recently and the equity that now is being sold equivalent about 2,1 percent of the full total talk about capital in AnaMar. The Allenex reserve value of the equity is zero. The offer shall therefore indicate corresponding revenue for Allenex in the next quarter of 2013. The sale will be finished in June. By selling our remaining holding in AnaMar, we now have divested all holdings in life science research companies.

The researchers found after considering a number of factors, that the rates of asthma and allergy were considerably higher in younger women with irregular intervals than in people that have regular periods. They said irregular periods were often caused by polycystic ovary syndrome – a condition where the ovaries have unusual cysts. PCOS provides been linked to a disturbance of the normal metabolism which can be treated with drugs such as metformin to aid the processing of sugars in your body. The researchers say several other studies have already reported the association between lung function and resistance to insulin – the hormone that regulates blood glucose – which also suggests a metabolic disorder might be the underlying issue. Dr John Moore-Gillon, president of the British Lung Foundation, says the new research is very interesting and the foundation shall follow closely any future developments.