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Research provides demonstrated that age-related macular degeneration.

Put simply, the more you smoke, the greater the chance and the quicker the progression of the disease. For patients with particular genetic backgrounds, regular heavy smoking can raise the risk of AMD a sensational 144-fold. ‘We salute the American Cancers Society and its own efforts with respect to the Great American Smokeout,’ said David Herman, Chairman of the global AMD Alliance International. ‘And we add eyesight loss to the set of significant and debilitating health threats that are due to smoking. Today If you quit, you can instantly begin lowering your risk of losing your sight to macular degeneration.’ Furthermore to quitting cigarette smoking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, AMD Alliance International recommends regular appointments to the optical eyesight doctor to check on for onset of macular degeneration.6: Natural News visitors were told this two weeks ago, but now it’s official: the federal government has purchased the mainstream media to avoid reporting on suspected Ebola instances. ‘At the urging of the Obama Administration, the Associated Press and additional information outlets have agreed not to report on suspected instances of Ebola in the usa until a positive viral RNA check is finished,’ writes the Gateway Pundit. ‘[T]he sudden departure of Ebola stories from the state-corporate mass media doesn’t move the smell check,’ reported