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New strategies to combat antibiotic-resistant germs.

Germany should be contributing on all levels to the essential research required, as well as assisting to ensure the safe and responsible application of genome editing. The purpose of the statement The Opportunities and Limitations of Genome Editing is certainly to prompt objective dialogue among culture as a whole on the scientific, ethical and legal possibilities of genome editing and on its consequences and limitations. The DFG and the academies tension that researchers must inform all stakeholders in a apparent and transparent manner about the status of research to ensure that any decisions taken derive from sound scientific evidence.. DFG and Academies point out limitations and dangers of new genome editing methods Better bacteria and yeasts for use in fuel and drug production, new strategies to combat antibiotic-resistant germs, and innovative plant breeding strategies – new molecular biology techniques that permit targeted genetic modification are offering rise to many promising new possibilities in research and application.Country and Age Breakdown The mistaken belief that Alzheimer's is a typical part of ageing was highest in India , Saudi Arabia and China . The UK and Mexico experienced the highest recognition that Alzheimer's is not a typical part of aging , but 37 % and 38 %, respectively, were still misinformed. More than fifty % of people surveyed in Germany and Mexico and Brazil do not realize that Alzheimer's is fatal. While 40 % had been misinformed, more people ages 18-34 , 35-44 , and 45-44 agreed that Alzheimer's is a fatal disease than people age range 60+ .