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It really is based on data from the EPIC study in Europe.

The investigators conclude that In western European countries, an important proportion of instances of cancer could be due to alcohol consumption, especially usage higher than the recommended upper limits. Related StoriesStudy shows rare HER2 missense mutations do not spread breast cancer on their ownCornell biomedical engineers develop 'super natural killer cells' to destroy cancers cells in lymph nodesFDA grants accelerated acceptance for Tagrisso to treat individuals with advanced NSCLCMembers of the Discussion board were concerned that the authors didn’t separate moderate consumption from heavy consumption for their primary analyses, overlooked the demonstrated benefits of moderate drinking on total mortality, and did not explain other environmental influences that frequently have much larger effects on the chance of several cancers than does alcoholic beverages usage.But Adya Clarity contains over 1,000PPM of light weight aluminum sulfate, dissolved in sulfuric acid, and you’re supposed to drink it! #6) The raw meals community believes: Vaccines are dangerous because they contain light weight aluminum and mercury. But Adya Clarity contains high levels of aluminum and iron within their sulfated forms! And it was marketed as a mineral supplement so effective that if you sat in a bathtub with Adya put into the water, the nutrients would penetrate to your bone marrow, claimed the founder of Adya, Inc. #7) The raw food community believes: Your meal ought to be natural, unprocessed and never packaged in plastic.