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Sales of Nycomed US, a specialty business focussing on crisis and dermatology care in the usa declined by 5.7 percent in the first quarter. Sales for the 1st quarter of 2008 had been positively impacted by sales of Bradley products from closing on 21 February 2008 through the end of March. Adjusting for the unfavourable influence of the US Dollar, sales increased by 6.2 percent. For the total International Sales/Export business excluding Australia, product sales increased approximately 20 percent when compared to first quarter of 2007, that was partly offset by lower royalty income.This gene was found over-expressed in the synovial tissue of OA patients also. The third most significantly over-expressed gene was cysteine-rich, angiogenic inducer 61 , well-established because of its role in the formation of new blood vessels. ‘Our findings supply the first proof that laeverin is abundantly expressed in synovial tissue,’ notes the study’s leading writer, Joseph Holoshitz, M.D. Uncovering 3 fresh genes with a very clear abundance in RA, this research supports the promise of microarray analysis to not only provide further insights in to the genetic the different parts of this inflammatory disease, but to help identify applicants for therapeutic intervention also.

ANDalyze sensor/Fluorimeter platform solution introduced in China and Australia ANDalyze sensor/Fluorimeter platform option for simplifying the on-site tests and analysis of water for heavy metal contamination is now being sold in China and Australia as an alternative to additional time consuming testing strategies such as for example electrochemical and reagent tests methods that require significant training.