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Mary Hecht was a remarkable exemplory case of how artistic capabilities are preserved in spite of the degeneration of the brain and a loss in the more mundane, day-to-day memory features. Hecht, in April 2013 at 81 who died, had been identified as having vascular dementia and was wheelchair-bound due to prior strokes. Despite her huge knowledge of artwork and personal talent, she was unable to draw the correct time on a time clock, name certain animals or remember any of the phrases she was asked to recall. But she quickly sketched an accurate portrait of a research student from the Memory Clinic. And she could draw a free-hand sketch of a lying Buddha figurine and reproduce it from memory space a couple of minutes later.Jerry can speak on: Warning signs of teen chemical abuseDecreasing age of chemical users and abusersHow users become pushersWhere they hide it and where to find itSubstance Abuse, Violence, Cyber Bullies, Sexting, Teen Major depression, Eating Disorders, Stress, Academic Performance, Body Image Issues, Relationships, Sex, Social Dramas and more.

ASU professor to get $6.25M preliminary research award in DoD’s MURI program Arizona State University professor Hao Yan, an innovator in the field of nanotechnology, has been selected to get a five-12 months, $6.25 million basic research award under the Department of Defense’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative program. The highly competitive MURI plan will award a total of $155 million over another five years for 23 research projects, subject to the option of federal appropriations.