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Chancery Division.

Component of European Patent 0 808 138. AGA Medical decided to appeal against this decision. The U.K. Court of Charm in London announced its decision confirming that said Figulla ASD and PFO occluders usually do not infringe stated patent. AGA asked for permission to charm to the Supreme Court , but that software was refused. It is now open to AGA to make an application immediate to the Supreme Court for permission to charm, but authorization sparingly is granted only, such as in cases that involve a point of law of public importance. Tor Peters, CEO of Occlutech says; We are very pleased with the courts decision that once again brings clearness to Occlutech’s position that our unique patented braiding technology is certainly fundamentally not the same as the previous technology.Until this example can be rectified, community pharmacists have to be competent and confident in recognising and dealing with medications that are prescribed and dispensed outside their licensed make use of. Community pharmacists in the UK are responsible for overseeing the supply of prescription and over-the-counter medication for use by children and ensuring that any off-label medications are recommended and dispensed properly.