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Because four plans will no longer be available next year.

270,000 low-income Medicare beneficiaries in California will be assigned new prescription medicine plans About 270,000 low-income elderly and disabled Californians will automatically be assigned to new Medicare prescription drug programs Jan. 1, 2007, because four plans will no longer be available next year, the Los Angeles Times reports. The visible switch is ‘raising concern about a resurgence of the coverage glitches, ‘ according to the Times. CMS in a recent news release stated that ‘in California, 100 percent of low-income beneficiaries will not need to switch plans to keep to receive this insurance for a zero superior.’ However, the National Senior Citizens Law Center in Oakland discovered that four of the 10 drug programs for low-income beneficiaries will never be available next year.This ongoing health care model encourages, when appropriate, the use of even more cost-effective and safer approaches over addictive medications possibly, surgery and various other invasive procedures for discomfort health insurance and management enhancement. Conservative management of unpleasant conditions can include chiropractic manipulation combined with exercise and stretching prior to moving on to treatments regarding higher risk. The responses received by NINDS from ACA and additional groups will be used to create a comprehensive population wellness level technique for pain prevention, treatment, management, and research.. Allos Therapeutics’ FOLOTYN data to end up being presented at 46th ASCO and 15th EHA Congress Allos Therapeutics, Inc.