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Attorney Matthew Jenkins says the guys.

40 men sue Chicago medical center because frozen sperm destroyed CHICAGO Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago was sued Tuesday for undisclosed sums by 40 males because their frozen sperm samples were destroyed whenever a lab’s storage program failed. Tuesday in Make County Circuit Court Regulations strong of Corboy and Demetrio in Chicago filed 40 separate lawsuits. Attorney Matthew Jenkins says the guys, who had diseases or procedures that could have an effect on their fertility, hoped to preserve their probabilities for fathering biological children by keeping sperm samples .

He said that the study is extremely polished but added, my only concern is that those people who have been hounding this notion that we can spend all night operating and operate each morning, don’t take this paper seeing that saying that that can be done that and have the same outcomes. Senior research author Baxter agreed that the results ought not to be interpreted that way. Taking away the power for doctors to self-regulate the work they do the day after being on call would really have the potential to trigger harm, she said. Rest deprivation affects people, and some people deal with it poorly and some cope with it well, and only the average person physician really can judge this.