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Advaxis to collaborate with GOG in Stage II clinical trial of ADXS11-001 Advaxis.

In an Advaxis Phase I scientific trial, it was found that multiple doses of the agent had been safely administered to the patient inhabitants at two different dose levels and that the side effect profile, comprised of a flu-like syndrome, was in keeping with strong immune stimulation. Although this first-in-human being trial was not driven for efficacy, it had been observed that the response rate and survival data compared favorably with historical controls. The brand new research shall investigate this response with better statistical power.An analysis of six published studies from many countries included nearly 140 previously, 000 people who were followed for to 17 years up. It found those with high-stress jobs got a 22 % higher threat of stroke than people that have low-stress jobs. Among ladies, the improved risk was also higher – – 33 %, the researchers reported. Many mechanisms may be mixed up in association between high-stress jobs and the chance of stroke, said lead researcher Dr. Yuli Huang, from the section of cardiology at Southern Medical University in Guangzhou. Most important, high-stress jobs might lead to unhealthy behaviors, such as poor eating habits, smoking and too little exercise, Huang said. It is vital for people with high-stress occupations to address these lifestyle issues, said Huang.