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Administration of selenide protects center tissue post cardiac arrest.

Mark Roth, Ph.D., and colleagues in the Fred Hutch Basic Sciences Division have released their findings online ahead of the July printing edition of Critical Care Medicine. ‘We discovered that administration of selenide following the center offers been deprived of blood circulation and before blood flow is restored considerably protects the heart tissue in a mouse model of severe myocardial infarction and reperfusion damage,’ Roth said. Ischemia, or insufficient blood circulation, as occurs during a center stroke or attack, causes tissues to be starved of oxygen.ABCB4 gene causes poor cholesterol to accumulate in blood: Research Finding in animal model offers expect reducing risk in humansScientists at the Southwest Base for Biomedical Study in San Antonio possess found a gene that triggers high levels of bad cholesterol to accumulate in the blood because of a high-cholesterol diet. Researchers studied a strain of laboratory opossums created at SFBR that has normal blood degrees of bad low-density lipoprotein cholesterol when fed a standard low-cholesterol diet, but elevated levels of LDL cholesterol when fed a high-cholesterol diet extremely.