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Acne pills could cause eye infections Millions of teenagers have problems with acne.

According to some studies, including one published in Experimental and Clinical Optometry, irritation and eyes rubbing can result in structural eye problems such as for example keratoconus, a degeneration of the cornea. Dr. Chodick advises that individuals on oral acne medicine question their doctors how to minimize eye damage. One simple step is by using artificial tears, or eyesight drops, to keep carefully the optical eyes lubricated. Local pharmacies can offer several inexpensive over-the-counter options, he says..$1 billion a year spent on unnecessary scans for headaches As well many patients are receiving unnecessary brain scans for headaches, and that use keeps growing, according to a fresh study. Health Millions spent on unnecessary human brain scans Daily health headlines: Study says headache sufferers get too many unneeded MRI and CT scans, new study raises questions about popular dietary. Since most headaches are benign, guidelines possess recommended against regimen MRIs or CT scans. Yet doctors frequently order these expensive scans anyhow, the researchers say. During headache visits, human brain scans are ordered an unbelievable amount of that time period, said business lead researcher Dr.