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According to a new Series posted in The Lancet.

Conflict and various other humanitarian crises might exacerbate ongoing violence. Between 100 and 140 million girls and ladies worldwide have undergone feminine genital mutilation , with more than 3 million women at risk of the practice every year in Africa alone. Some 70 million women worldwide have been married before their eighteenth birthday, many against their will. Although some countries have made significant progress towards criminalising violence against females and advertising gender equality, the Series authors argue that governments and donors need to commit sufficient money to make sure their verbal commitments result in real change.These were asked to fill in questionnaires at the commencement and at 3 season intervals relating to activity and exercise weekly and their weight changes were tracked on three yearly basis for 13 years. Related StoriesResearchers find method to create social media far better for improving exercise habits in peopleFree open public lecture at Greenwich discusses part of science and medicine in sport, exerciseNoninvasive ventilation and supplemental oxygen during exercise training benefit patients with severe COPDOverall the ladies gained typically 5.7 pounds. But people that have normal fat and body mass index of less than 25 managed their initial weight only if they exercised 60 mins a day. Initially from the results the association of physical activity and weight control seemed universal.