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Acai Berry: What Is It Really?

There are several other properties that make the acai very rich, such as protein, proteins, and antioxidants; actually these berries have the highest degree of antioxidants among all fruits that are eaten to obtain the rich benefits of antioxidants, more than mangoes and grapes even. Because the plants are challenging to grow beyond Brazil and the South American areas, it is impossible to find fresh entire berries for sale in any other areas of the continent. And as the fruit itself is indeed delicate and cannot be shipped fresh due to the perishable state, it is usually juiced, but loses its fiber content in the process, and then it is prepared for shipment to other parts of the world especially.The mean age at menarche was 13. Twenty-five patients reported exercising excessively, 20 had weight loss, and 28 had a subclinical eating disorder seen as a dietary preoccupation and restriction with weight.20,21 Six patients had a family group history of delayed puberty, and 9 a family group history of hypothalamic amenorrhea. The mean serum levels of luteinizing hormone , follicle-stimulating hormone , and estradiol in the combined group with hypothalamic amenorrhea had been 4.0 IU per liter, 6.