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A journal of the American College of Rheumatology.

The TCA and sham groups had significant reductions in the joint-specific multidimensional assessment of discomfort at -1.1 and -1.0, respectively while the control group saw a reduction of -0.1. J-MAP measures the strength, regularity, and quality of pain with response ranges from 1 to 7 where higher values indicate even more pain. Suarez-Almazor. The team found significant differences in J-MAP pain decrease and satisfaction for all those patients in the large expectations group weighed against the neutral group. Suarez-Almazor. This study is released in Arthritis Treatment & Research. Suarez-Almazor, Carol Looney, Yanfang Liu, Vanessa Cox, Kenneth Pietz, Donald M. Marcus, and Richard l. Street, Jr. Arthritis Care and Research; Published Online: April 21, 2010 ; Print Issue Day: September 2010.. Acupuncture not superior to sham acupuncture in knee osteoarthritis Researchers from MD Anderson Cancers Center determined individuals with osteoarthritis of the knee who all are treated with traditional Chinese acupuncture usually do not experience any more benefit than those receiving sham acupuncture .At 15 years, the prevalence of erection dysfunction was nearly universal, affecting 87.0 percent of men in the prostatectomy group and 93.9 percent of these in the radiotherapy group. Nonetheless, only 43.5 percent of men in the prostatectomy group and 37.7 percent of those in the radiotherapy group reported being bothered regarding sexual symptoms. The possible reasons for the next finding include declining sexual curiosity with age group, acceptance of sexual dysfunction as time passes, or both. Despite some evidence of stabilization or improvement of urinary and sexual symptoms from 2 to 5 years, long-term follow-up reveals constant functional declines after 5 years.