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4 important issues to ask vendors at your local farmers market For days gone by 50 years.

4 important issues to ask vendors at your local farmer’s market For days gone by 50 years, an overpowering amount of farmland in america has become concentrated into the tactile hands of the few, as the basic idea of monoculture has extended industrial farming practices . According to international land use group GRAIN, large industrial farms now control around 75 % of the world’s farmland but only produce about 30 % of the world’s food. Industrial farms may succeed in producing genetically modified commodity crops, but they are inefficient in offering a nutrient dense selection of whole foods because they don’t utilize biodiversity in character.

In the time of 7 to 12 weeks after delivery, there is a modest but still significant increase in the amount of thrombotic events, as compared with the same period 12 months later , corresponding to an absolute risk difference of 3.0 per 100,000 deliveries and an odds ratio of 2.2 . The risk was no longer elevated after 12 weeks, with an odds ratio of 1 1.4 for the period of 13 to 18 weeks after delivery and an odds ratio of 1 1.0 for the period of 19 to 24 weeks after delivery . In post hoc exploratory analyses, the thrombotic risk was increased over 13 to 15 weeks after delivery but was no more elevated in the period of 16 to 18 weeks .