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2 Workers Suspended Over Beef Recall The U.

The USDA recalled 143 million pounds of beef from the Chino slaughterhouse on Feb. 17. The recall came following the Humane Culture of america released undercover video displaying plant workers looking to get so-known as downer cows — ill or crippled animals — to the stand by position shoving and dragging them with forklifts, zapping them with electrical prods and aiming drinking water hoses at their noses and faces. Two of the workers in the video encounter criminal fees and the slaughterhouse, which provided one-5th of the meat found in the National School Lunch Program, has closed.Savitz now functions on important fresh therapies for stroke sufferers. Dr. Savitz is usually a true doctor scientist, said Alison Willing, PhD, professor, Center for Excellence in Ageing and Brain Repair, Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair, University of South Florida. He works with stroke patients each day, but it isn’t enough for him to take care of them or make sure they are comfortable just. He has worked tireless in his preclinical research to define the best solutions to treat his sufferers and is the initial Principal Investigator to initiate medical trials using autologous bone marrow cells for the treatment of stroke. .

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