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1 The retractions came only weeks after BioMed Central.

Chen and Moon, for instance, both abused a feature of ScholarOne: the e-mail messages sent to scholars inviting them to examine a manuscript consist of log-in information, and whoever receives those messages can indication into the system. Most other digital manuscript submission systems possess similar loopholes that can easily be hacked. The most crucial lesson is that incentives work. This pressure exists almost everywhere but is particularly intense in China. It is consequently no surprise that the most inventive ways to game the peer-review system to get manuscripts published have come from China. The firms mentioned above offering fake peer evaluations all result from China and countries in Southeast Asia, & most of the authors involved with these full cases come from the same areas.The effects of contact with airborne metals had not been studied previously in kids so youthful, and these findings could have important public health implications for members of inner-city communities in NEW YORK and elsewhere. To determine these effects, the experts studied pollutant levels and respiratory symptoms in a cohort of more than 600 NEW YORK kids from Northern Manhattan and South Bronx between birth and two years of age. They utilized monitoring data to gauge three-month typical ambient air flow concentrations of nickel, vanadium, elemental zinc and carbon in addition to particulate matter.