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1 killer of Hispanic women.

AHA’s new program assists educate Hispanic ladies about threat of heart disease Heart disease remains the Zero cialis 20mg . 1 killer of Hispanic women. On average, Hispanic women are likely to develop cardiovascular disease 10 years sooner than non-Hispanic white females. Yet, most are still unaware of this threat. This Mother’s Day, the American Heart Association’s Go Crimson Por Tu Corazon encourages daughters to have a heart-to-heart conversation that could potentially save their mother’s life. To greatly help begin this conversation, Go Red Por Tu Corazon supporter Ximena Navarrete urges moms and daughters to have this heart-to-heart in a thirty-second online Open public Provider Announcement presented on the Go Red Por Tu Corazon Facebook page.

The second such African rally in Nairobi on Friday will be followed by an identical march in Swaziland on Sunday, May 12. More than 2,000 activists and folks living with HIV/AIDS are expected to be a part of Fri's march, which will culminate with a rally in the Uhuru Park Grounds. There, a concert dubbed Msi Sare Now, Fund HIV – slang for Don't Give Up Now, Fund HIV – featuring top Kenyan musicians Daddy Owen and Jaguar can end up being staged. The theme of the march, rally, and concert is normally No Retreat on Helps – Treatment for All. Related StoriesNew computer model predicts levels of HIV care engagementSafe, effective douche-based rectal microbicide can prevent HIV in gay menStudy: Safe and sound spaces may play critical role in community-structured HIV prevention efforts AHF Kenya Consultant and Senior Advisor Dr.