How Can Live Chat Benefit Your Company

Live Chat is undoubtedly a useful business tool. Companies use it to serve their customers effectively and in an affordable price. Since online advertising is expensive and the cost of bringing customers in the business’ website is increasing, companies use it to save money. Aside from marketing benefits, there are also other advantages of using Live Chat software in your website. Read on and find out how it can benefit your company.

Online Chatting Helps in Effective Customer Service

Since online chat delivers quick response, companies can easily solve their customers’ complaints; thus, preventing disputes due to bad customers’ feed backs. Furthermore, customers can talk directly to the staffs; allowing them to address their concerns clearly.

Talk to Customers in Any Language

Online chat programs contain special Unicode system that translates various languages. You can communicate with your foreign customers easily and error-free.

It Increases Sales

One of the best ways to increase your sales is by making your customers happy. By using online chat on your websites, customers will be able to communicate to someone immediately or ask questions about the products or services. Thus, increasing your sales and adding up new customers into your business.

Attract New Customers to Your Website

With its interactive features, people can easily be referred to your company’s site. For instance, a potential buyer will research about the best rubber shoes in the market. By searching some reviews, he might get into your company’s site in which he can join the forum and be introduced on what your company can offer to him. Of course, it’s still up to you on how will you market your products or services to that customer. If you succeed, your company will be able to get that customer and turn him to a “spokesperson” – influencing his family or friends to be a client of your company as well. 

Build Long-Term Relationships with Your Customers

According to studies, satisfied customers are less likely to switch to other companies and they tend to be less price-sensitive. Those customers, because of their good experience with the company, are less concerned about the money they are paying. When consumers feel that they are valued and they can talk directly to the company’s staffs, they are more likely to stay with your company and share their positive thoughts as well. Moreover, regular customers tend to buy often and not hard to maintain because they are already familiar with the business and the purchase process. Considering this, you should invest on Live Chat software which can provide you long-term relationship with your customers.

Helps in Reducing Your Company’s Expenses

Online chat enables operators to multi-task; thus, expenses brought by added employees and higher cost of phone bills will be reduced. Sales will also increase and productivity will be improved.

Helps New Entrants to Get Along With the Competition

live chatIf your company is still new in the market, it is difficult for you to get along with the competition. However, by using Live Chat software on your website, you can easily get new prospects. For instance, by utilizing an interactive forum on your site, customers will be attracted and soon, they might be one of your loyal clients.

Easily Receive Customer Feed backs

Online chat software lets you receive customers’ feed backs quickly. Thus, you can focus on your customers’ needs, questions and requirements. Additionally, it will also enable you to target your weak points and convert it to your company’s strengths.

Customize Your Company’s Live Chat Support

Online chat software enables you to design your pop-up windows, chat icons, and invitation screens with your company logo and even your own operator’s photos. Therefore, it is also a good way to advertise your firm.

Playtime with Golf Drivers

Golf is a good way to spend time in the outdoors and if you can get some of your kids to try it with you, it would also be an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time together. Golf can seem a bit complex but even kids can learn the game, given the right guidance. However, teaching kids how to play golf requires a different approach compared to adults.

Teaching Your Kids to Swing Golf Drivers

First, you need to keep in mind that the learning experience has to be fun or else they will lose interest very quickly. See if can sneak in some fun games in practice. Tone down with the jargon; they will respond better if you use something they can understand, like visual cues. Golf is already a difficult game to teach anyone, even adults. It requires a lot of discipline, patience, and concentration to master. The challenge is in knowing how to hone their skills while keeping them happy and interested.

Here are some tips that might help you teach your kid to play – and to love playing – golf. Not just a sport but as something they can be good at.

1. Give them the reins

It’s important that children learn the right way of playing golf. As avid golfers, you know what the “right” way and teach it as teachers do in school. Thing is, it doesn’t work the same way with children. Learning how to grip and swing golf drivers may be the basic fundamentals of golf, but to a child it’s just another thing in a long list they have to learn and memorize. They just want to have fun. Let them play around and get a feel for things. Guide them. Don’t preach.

d-42. Play more than you teach

Kids have short attention spans. Focus doesn’t kick in until they’re moments away from tee-off. That said; don’t teach for more than an hour. Go for at least 30 – 45 minutes per session and divide those sessions into work and play but with a lot more playing or goofing around. You know – kid stuff. The point is to have them equate golf with fun and for a kid, fun is very good.

3. Be a kid again

Act like a kid. When a kid does something right, celebrate by jumping up and down. Be more enthusiastic and exciting. Don’t just drone over them. The best way to boost a kid’s confidence, particularly when learning how to play golf, is to become a kid yourself.

4. Lay off the jargon

They are kids. Not your colleague or business partner. Mind what you say and how you say it. Simplify the terminologies for them. Instead of arc, say “circle”. Instead of asking her to “pivot”, tell her to turn. They must understand what you are asking them to do before they can do it.

And always speak at their level – literally. Kneel down and look them in the eye when you are talking to them. Connection is very important.

5. Learn from them

Should you try to teach your kids golf? How about the other way around? Parents should embrace the attitude of learning from their kids. Let your kid teach you golf. Leave the worrying for later. Learning takes time and patience. If all they want is to play 3 holes or just hit random balls with their golf drivers at the driving range, so be it. Show your kids that you are having a great time with them. If they see having a great time, then chances are, they will also have a great time.

Windows VS Linux: Comparing Operating Systems for VPS

In this modern world of technology where everything is a click away, where everything and everywhere can be reached through one single click, the internet needs a container of this information and this container is what we would call a website. Websites are composed of web pages where information are written. A website could be just a page or even a collection of pages. Sharing and gathering information through internet may be difficult without these pages conveniently written on the cyberspace.

To make this possible, Windows VPSone would need VPS or Virtual Private Server. Virtual Private Server, (VPS), is a type of web hosting where a computer (the hardware) is used to operate software servers. It us like a division of hardware server resources into different virtual servers. VPS also provides domain name, like “”, directory services, and storage for files.

There may be different types of VPS such as Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Since these are two different kinds of operating system, the control of these two are also different. Windows hosting gives the user the freedom to control a part of it by themselves. This makes this type of hosting cheaper since a part is given to the user to control. Although the user gets a part of the server for himself, better resources may also be received by this type of hosting.

Using a Windows VPS as a host would include a certain amount of RAM. Of course, a space where files and websites are stored is also needed. Since the server is not entirely controlled by the user, the hard drive may be under the protection of RAID 1 configuration.  RAID 1 configuration protects data should the drive fail by writing the information sent to it into a different hard drive. In a way, there is a back-up data while your information may still be seen by other viewers all around the world.

Linux VPS, however, is different in some ways. Linux VPS is obviously a hosting where the operating system is Linux. Since a lot of people are more familiar with Windows operating system, one might think that using Windows Virtual Private Server may be easier and more user-friendly but it actually depends on how you’d want to use your website. Many people describe Linux as innovative and stable. Compared to Windows VPS, this hosting type is considered cheaper since Linux is an open source. There is no specific special software that you need to operate this host so one doesn’t need to pay extra for legal and licensing stuff. It also works well with other open source of programming languages and other source applications.

To most people, Windows VPS may be easier to manage if you don’t have enough IT skills. People are more familiar with Windows operating system that is why people might find this interface more relatable than the other. Most people feel more comfortable using this host. It is recommended for users with an MS SQL database and gets support from Microsoft. The drawback would be, of course, the cost. A VPS that runs Windows is considered more costly than the Linux VPS. It is also not as stable as Linux is when it comes to the integration of open source programming languages.

To sum it up, both virtual private servers have its own good and bad sides. It just depends on how the server is preferred to be hosted. Which host to use when opening up a website must be considered well and users must be well informed about these two VPSs to be able to find a VPS that suits their website well.

Author Bio:

RockVPS provides windows vps, or cheap vps, built upon providing a fast network and 100% SSD server hardware. Our service utilizes KVM virtualization combined with the SolusVM Control Panel. We use only the latest Intel Quad and Hex Core servers with SSD Hard Drives.

All about Flexible PCB Assembly

There are two major classifications for printed circuit boards or PCB, which mainly depends on their substrates. These two classifications are the flexible and rigid printed circuit boards. In this article, the focus is on the flexible PCB.

A flexible PCB assembly is composed of a flexible laminate. The qualities and the raw materials of the laminate to be used are vital not just to the production procedure, but also to the overall functionality of the completed product. The flexible laminate is made up of copper foil and dielectric substrates.

The dielectric materials are classified into two kinds, which are utilized for flexible PCB:

1. Thermoplastics - PCB assemblyAfter solidification, these materials will soften by means of heat stimulant, like polyester, polymers, fluorinated hydrocarbon, and so on.
2. Thermosetting Plastics - Examples of these materials include polyimide, polyacrylate, and many others.

How to choose a specific film depends on these factors:

  • Flexible PCB assembly made from polyester films which render efficiency at a cheaper price, but with a decrease on the level of thermal resistance.
  • Ultra High performance flexible PCB, particularly those intended for military purposes, are produced with polyimide films since they provide the finest functionality.
  • Aramid non-woven fiber is inexpensive and carries a great electrical and mechanical attribute. This material, though, easily absorbs moisture.
  • Fluorocarbon, is a high priced material and quite challenging to deal with.

This, however, provides the greatest dielectric qualities. This is largely used for controlling electrical resistance purposes.

Why is a flexible PCB needed?

The earlier versions of printed circuit boards were mainly rigid. However, in this contemporary period where technology has advanced significantly, the majority of people have already been crawling towards scaled-down objects. It is for this same reason that manufacturers of PCB felt the need to make their circuit board lightweight, slim, small, and densely wired. Flexible type of printed circuit boards had come to exist to resolve these needs and requirements. These are PCB that could be wired in a 3 dimensional manner and could be adjusted to fit into the available area.

How to make Flexible PCB assembly

  • Acquire thin polyimide sheets which are plated with on the two sides.
  • Cut the polyimide sheet into the necessary size. Make certain that the copper does not have any spot or smudge. The edges should not be bumpy or irregular as it could damage the printer in the future.
  • Get a solid ink printing device which is able to print using melted wax. Wax produces a coating on the copper, which subsequently serves as its shield while etching.
  • With the use of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, users can now draw the circuit diagram.
  • Utilize the printing device to print out this diagram on the polyimide sheet material. The printed parts are going to show up as copper tracks. Make use of dark colors that can be quickly distinguished like magenta or black.
  • Let this printed sheet be soaked in ferric chloride. This is called the etching stage. This is where ferric chloride becomes a copper etchant. The process may require around 30 minutes for the copper remnants to melt and for the polyimide to appear.
  • By this time, the circuit can already be installed. If necessary, cut it into smaller circuits or use it as is. Using lasers, drill some holes to be able to attach electronic parts. The circuit is currently prepared to solder.

Flex PCB assembly is easy to create and adaptable to use. However, complex equipment calls for first class printed circuit boards that can hold together for an extended period. The correct materials, correct drill, and technical know-how make a huge difference. For that reason, entrust the task solely to a specialist.

Misting Systems for Dust Control

One would usually think that a mister or misting system is used only to cool outdoor temperatures. One may also not be aware that there are many applications for these misting systems. One of these uses is dust control. Why is there a need to suppress dust? While there are many reasons that vary from industry the industry, the main reasons are: valuable material loss, environmental issues, health hazards, reduced visibility, oxidation/explosion, machine maintenance, and reduced capital investment.

When it comes to material loss, up to five percent of finished products may be gone because of wind erosion. This can hurt an industry in the long run. The environment is a reason why mister systems can be used to control dust, which could contaminate the atmosphere and the surrounding areas and villages. Dust can also be introduced into the food chain via pollution of the soil and potable sources of water. Being a health hazard, dust can be a carrier of some diseases like black lung disease (pneumoconiosis) and silicosis.

The suppression of dust is also important to gain visibility. Aerial pollution can lead to dangerous work conditions for plant operators and vehicle drivers. Oxidation/explosion is another reason why dust suppression misting systems are important. Combustible particles that are very fine (10 to 20 micrometers) can be a huge explosion risk. Stockpiles of coal can oxidize and develop into ‘hot spots’ if they are not capped by film formers that are chemical in nature.

Mister systems are also useful for the maintenance of machines as particles of dust could contaminate machinery like air filters, bearings, and other engine parts. Another use for misting systems is the reduced capital investment. Dust generation means equipment investment like bowsers, pumps, and spray bars. Using a chemical reagent can reduce cost of equipment. Misting systems, for dust control, can complement foam sprayers and are effective in situations like unloading/tipping areas.

Aside from dust control and cooling temperatures, misting systems can also be used for odor control. For such, it is recommended that chemical formulations are applied via the use of mist systems. The system sprays the reactants in very fine sizes. This allows for the product to react with molecules that are odor-casing. For odor control, these mister systems are best used at waste transfer stations, composting sites, wastewater treatment facilities, and landfills. These misting systems would also be normally installed around perimeter fences, unloading/tipping areas, and particular problem areas.

The use of a hydraulic misting system that is high-pressure makes sure that you have your required coverage and this also means that you can have as many nozzles as you need. Odor control misting kits range from fifty nozzles to over 200 nozzles. Each kit includes a dosing pump, water pump, nozzles, filters, control panel, tubing, and fittings. A technician or a company representative can help you choose the appropriate kit for your needs in terms of nozzle size, number of nozzles, and control and automation level.

For dust and odor control systems, there is a range of neutralizers, reactants, incorporation treatments, and surface treatments. All such products are safe for use, economical for use, and are formulated from all-natural ingredients. Instead of masking unpleasant smells, the products are meant to either eliminate or neutralize the odor or change its biological source. A lot of products are formulated to fight specific odors and can be mixed to suit one’s preferences.

For many industrial applications, it is recommended that you use formulations together with mister kits that are high pressure. These systems are best for use in warehouses, in specific problem areas, and around perimeter fences. For dust control, the misters are professionally-installed and are of high quality. Kits also range from 50-200 nozzles.

Your work environment would be made safer with these misting systems for dust and odor control. Your employees would work better and more effectively as they know that their employers are looking after their health and welfare.

General Guidelines in searching for The Best Web Hosting Sites

Whether it’s for personal or business use, building a website has become quite a trend in today’s digital age. Nowadays, you can find a website for just about anything under the sun. This factor alone makes web hosts a necessity, but before you decide to build your own website, consider these simple guidelines first to help you decide in choosing the best web hosting sites suitable for your needs.

Plan your website structure

Web hosting sitesFirst, you need to determine on what kind of website you’re going to build. Is it only for personal use, or for business use? Are you going to construct your website in the simplest method possible, or are you going to enhance the viewer experience by loading it with complex, yet presentable features? Do you need a huge amount of bandwidth and disk space in order to host a multitude of files? How you’re going to build your website depends on the capability of the web host, so make sure that you’ll be able to make use of most, if not all, of the web host’s features when you’re creating your own.

Free Hosting vs. Paid Hosting

The general rule to follow is, there’s no such thing as “free” hosting. Usually, free webhosts come with either less features than the standard, has advertisements placed on your webpages (to pay for the costs), etc. Even those with so-called “unlimited bandwidth” features may also have a catch. For this reason, before you avail of a certain webhost, it’s best to read and understand the entirety of their Terms of Service before you continue.

If you’re going to use your website for business purposes, it’s probably much better to get a paid web host, as not only it offers more capacity and bandwidth than free ones, it allows you to register your personal domain name, which is hands-down a requirement for building authority on your business website.

Make a comparison

There are lots of different webhosts around today, and each of them has a different set of features and pricing that sets them apart from the others. Therefore, don’t just limit yourself to just one choice. As much as possible, canvass all the possible web hosting sites that you come across, and compare each of their qualities in order to get the best web hosting sites that you need.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, here are some of the methods that can help you in your web host comparison.

Reviews – Doing a search on the reviews of some of the best web hosting sites around can greatly help you in your decision, as these reviews provide helpful and expert advice on their chosen web host, based on their firsthand experience. Make sure the reviews you’ve read are fully neutral and are unbiased, and don’t hesitate on reading multiple reviews to get a detailed description of the company.

Testimonials – Aside from reviews, you can also ask other people about their experience with the web host, or ask people which are the best web hosting sites in their opinion. Again, asking just one person isn’t enough. You need to ask as many people as you can, and weigh in their opinions against each other to paint a clearer picture.

Always keep a backup

Finally, while most web hosting offer a regular backup service to help you recover your website and other files in the event of a system crash, most of the time, it can be quite unreliable. And often, it can be quite a hassle to ask from the web hosting company to help you recover the files that you needed to get your site back up.

Thus, never neglect to always have an off-site backup of the entire website, especially the important files, so that when the unexpected happens, you’ll be able restore your site to its fully functional state.

Using SEO Services to Boost your Website Sales

SEO Services are integral to your website’s internet marketing strategy and you will be pretty much guaranteed little visitors if you do not adopt some type of SEO strategy. These services will ensure that your website’s visibility is increased – meaning the search engines will be able to find you as a quality site and will this rank you higher in their search results. This will bring more visitors to your site and you will have a higher chance of converting them into sales. The more visitors you have, the more sales you can get! Regardless of how attractive and fancy your website is, if you do not adopt a search engine optimization strategy, you will not be able to bring visitors to your site, and you won’t be able to sell a thing!

So, how can SEO services help build up your visitors to increase your sales? Simply put, they will increase the visitors to your site – the rest is up to you. What exactly would an SEO company do for you? The following is a few examples but is by no means an exhaustive list of the SEO services they offer:

  • SEOKeyword research
  • Back linking building
  • Website optimization
  • Tips on conversion optimization (converting visitors to sales)
  • Copywriting and content development
  • Article submissions
  • Blogging
  • Social media management
  • Website analytics and reporting

SEO companies will implement any or all of these strategies to help you reach your goals in the short term and in the long run as well.

Some of those SEO services seem pretty basic, can’t I do it myself? Theoretically, yes. With enough time, knowledge and dedication, you could do all of the above on your own. However, most website owners do not have unlimited time on their hands and are thus, unable to hand the entire internet marketing strategy of their website by themselves. And let’s face it, no one wants to sit and write quality articles all day long – that is a waste of your time and talents!

Obviously, an SEO services company can definitely help you, but only if you pick the right one. It is important for you to do your research prior to hiring a company. Make sure they are not promising you any lofty goals (like number one search engine ranking for your keyword!) because this is usually the sign of a scam. Ask them for proof of their qualifications and previous experience and if they are reluctant to talk about the other companies they have worked with, move on to someone who will. There are plenty of great companies out there, just keep looking!